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If there is one thing in a school child’s life that they probably really hate, it’s homework. I myself have lots of homework to do. It makes me stressed and irritated, and when I do the homework, I am constantly thinking: is it really worth it?

It’s nearly 9 o’clock at night. I’ve been doing homework for about 30 minutes now, and I still have another two pieces of homework to do, as I have only does the first piece of homework. Even my mum is stuck with it; we’ve argued, and so far we have only managed to answer two questions. My mum is probably more stressed than I am. I would ask for my dad’s help but he isn’t home yet. There are so many other things that need to be done tonight, and I don’t know how we are going to do it. I feel like I want to cry, I’m so stressed – all I want to do is go to bed and have someone super clever do the homework for me in a split second. (I think my mum wants that to happen to her as well)! My mum and I are constantly arguing, we are so angry and annoyed at each other and now we are going to be exhausted for the next day. All of this arguing with parents about homework, it really isn’t worth it. Homework puts lots of unnecessary stress on children and parents; being a victim of homework myself it has taught me that it is pointless and I don’t benefit from homework at all because I am just recapping what I have learnt in the lesson and what I already know.

Lots of people have taken to the media to discuss how stressful and pointless homework is, for example: Caitlin Moran. She wrote an article about banning homework because she ‘loathes her children’s homework with a passion’. I very strongly agree with Caitlin Moran because she states how stressful it is and how angry the parents and children get with a ‘simple’ task. Catlin Moran says: ‘Parents meanwhile are doubly enraged.’ She believes that banning homework would ‘improve the physical and mental health of British children immeasurably’.

I agree with her because she explains in a lot of detail so lots of people can relate to what she is saying as it is so stressful and it does more harm than good. Lots of people hate homework because it is a burden on those who aren’t bright and struggle with school, and whose parents are always away from home and come back late at night at the time when homework can’t be done. When parents do have the time to help them with the homework, they get stressed just as much as the children. Homework only works for those who do understand all of the tasks and whose parents are home to help them if they need it. Everyone knows how stressful homework is and how people can get really irritated by this exasperating task.

There is one country that has no homework, shorter school days, and is exceeding much more than the UK – Finland. Finnish pupils are achieving much more academically than pupils in the UK. In the International Pisa tests, Finland came 6th place in reading and the UK came 23rd. even though Finnish pupils have shorter school days, fewer lessons but somehow are still more ahead than us. Finland also longer summer holidays from 10-11 weeks and we only have 6 weeks. This is a hard piece of evidence that homework is unnecessary and doesn’t benefit our learning and if it did, then why is Finland ahead of us?

Overall, in my view, I think that homework is stressful, unnecessary, irritating, and unbeneficial towards our education in school and it’s really not that worth it.

By: Lizzie